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Hi! My name is Ken Drab and I would like you to meet some of the characters I’ve created. Two are very personal to me because they are based on my sons. Kyler, ‘The Good Pirate‘, and Caysen, ‘The Lizard Cowboy‘. Why a good pirate and a lizard cowboy? Well, these are the stories I made up when we had worn out Jack and the Beanstalk, the Three Bears, and many others. They may not be on par with ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, but they are very special to me – and to be honest, some people outside of my family think they’re not too bad. So I’ll stick with that.

The character I’ve known the longest is Rick the Stick – he’s an extraordinary stickman living in an ordinary cartoon world. I created Rick for my college newspaper, and he’s had many mishaps (he prefers I say “adventures”) since then and he is dear to my heart – as he and his cartoon family helped me develop the drawing style that helped me create my other books.

Currently, I have six self-published books, three children’s picture books, and three Rick the Stick books. They are conveniently featured on the banner above. I was highlighted as one of Tampa’s local authors on the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative website, and all three of my children’s books are in that library system. I have also provided the illustrations for the adventure tale ‘Treasure in Paradise‘ written by Thomas Cleare.

I also got a little full of myself by creating an Amazon Author’s page for my books.