Hi, I am Ken Drab. Thank you for letting me share my story in a more flexible creative setting.

I am a creative brand evangelist, champion, and loyalist. I am driven to bring creative ideas and identities to life, to ignite a passion that goes beyond the logo – to make it anything but “drab”.

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My goal is to stand out from the crowd and show you why I am a great fit as a Marketing Creative Director for Suncoast Credit Union.

Here's what I've learned about you:

Suncoast Credit Union is a community-based and employee-focused bank that began in 1934 as Hillsborough County Teachers Credit Union. It has grown and expanded to become the largest credit union in Florida and has been voted one of the Top Workplaces by the Tampa Bay Times (2019 and 2020). The leadership team is diverse and the organization greatly supports giving back to the communities – including allowing employees to volunteer for over 33,000 hours in 2019. Additionally, Suncoast Credit Union donates two cents to the foundation every time a member uses their Suncoast Credit Union credit and debit cards.


Here's what I bring to this role:

I am a proud Suncoast Credit Union member and I am excited about the opportunity you have posted because all of the responsibilities listed fall within the scope of my experience as Senior Creative Director at Rakuten – particularly, working hand-in-hand with Marketing (technically part of the corporate brand and marketing team). I managed the creative evolution and strategy of the company identity as well as initiating, developing, and incorporating systems that maximized the availability of assets and standardize the brand experience. I’ve worked closely with stakeholders at all levels to build a robust and collaborative ecosystem that ensures a cohesive creative culture. Finally, I’ve built and managed a global creative organization across various disciplines, coordinating resources while nurturing team and individual growth to fuel increased production.

One of the strengths I’ve developed has been the ability to focus on the things I can impact. Prioritizing company and team goals, authentic investment in people, and nurturing relationships have been the cornerstone of how I develop and lead by example.

Here is where my expertise will help you.

I have been fortunate to experience a broad scope of leadership responsibilities

Discipline Focus

  • Brand
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

Primarily throughout my career, I have been focused on design, but I’ve leveraged my problem solving skills to provide solutions for various areas of the business.

Leadership Experience

Management - 12 Years
Organizational - 14 Years
Operational - 16 Years

My obsession with efficiency starts with being highly-proficient with these tools

Office Tool Expertise


I have twenty years of experience in the Adobe design suite of applications (even before it was CC – and remember some Quark Xpress too).

Out of necessity, I have become an expert in Microsoft PowerPoint and integrating design into reusable templates that provide functionality for most basic users.

Design Tool Expertise

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
CC Libraries

Kind words from colleagues

I bringwith me every day.

Kind words from my teams

This page is specifically designed to give you a detailed sense of how I leverage thinking outside the box to attain creative solutions, yet color within the lines to maintain a professional branded presence and achieve goals.

Here is where my experience will help me.


Internationally, I work intimately with regions all over the globe. As the world has become a borderless marketplace, my experience has broadened to include managing regional creative demands, language design variations and nuances, and culturally diverse designers and teams.


Interactive Map:

Mouseover the different areas for more detail on how I have managed Regional Creative Responsibilities, Language Variations, and Design Nuances, as well as Functional Teams and Designers.

  • Regional

    Responsible for creative and brand development

  • Language

    Language variations and design nuances

  • Teams

    Managed functional teams and designers

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