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Via Amazon’s Customer Reviews:
I’ve taken my turn making up stories at bedtime. Sometimes, you just want to try something yourself. Or your eyes are too tired to read. The important thing is spending that time with your children and giving them something good to dream about.

Ken Drab took it even further and made his son, Kyler, his own book. And he was nice enough to share it with the rest of us as well!

‘The Good Pirate’ is sweet, and thoughtful, and even a bit funny at the end, which seems to be the prefect blend for a bedtime tale. And while it gives us a “happily ever after,” I’m encouraged that Amazon lists it as “Volume One,” so that it maybe means we might get to see more of the good pirate Kyler’s adventures some day. But, in the meanwhile, this book will can be enjoyed over and over again just before the lights go out, the covers are pulled up, and the dreaming begins.”