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DealMaker Global Event Identity

This identity was developed mid-pandemic with the strategy of being flexible enough to pivot from virtual to in-person while maintaining some regional targeting.


Build a branded event identity to drive interest and engagement when in-person events were in question and extending the design through a global and regional perspective for an in-person or virtual application.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Identity Development, Event Creative

  • Design

    Creative Direction, Active Design

  • Client

    Rakuten Advertising Events

  • Tags

    Active Design, Brand, Design, Global

02 // Impact

Clean execution of design leveraging the main brand identity, locality of the event and consideration to attendance style.

03 // Statistics

Project by the numbers.

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Event Sites

Reflecting a global and regional perspective with flexibility for in-person or virtual application.

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Different Languages

From the subtle variances of anglicized English for three distinct regions outside of the US, designs had to translate into German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

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Regions Globally

Balancing global branding, regional dynamics, and cultural nuance that is relevant and scalable.

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Scalable Media Sets

To drive an immersive experience, carrying over the theme, identity, and local flavors requires utilizing all formats of media is integral. This includes signage, digital displays, and keynote presentations


Delivering immersive, dynamic experiences.


The most dynamic media visually engages audiences throughout various stages. Starting from simple email touchpoints through the event website drive interest. Informative support for client presentations and demand campaigns drive registration. On-site, using the displays of the facility increase the immersion of the event.


From responsive site design to online registration, attendees begin to get a feel for the experience. Taking advantage of branding opportunities in the appointment and messaging apps to integrate the brand are subtle, yet import ingredients.


Traditional media requires experience using old-school formatting. From the entry and registration through informative and directional, signage plays its part. Each process requires special attention: program development through gift bag creative, right on down to room key imagery.


Each touchpoint is important to maximize the experience and brand impact.

05 // The Big Creative Picture

A holistic approach to design.



The creative umbrella serves to empower the brand and align from there. Brand design sets the expectation for the experience.



Attract and engage audiences with creative that performs. Advertising design communicates campaigns and drives marketing initiatives.



Utilizing the brand’s vision and tools, marketing design enables sales growth to meet company goals and objectives.



The opportunity to provide the brand experience in person. Event design is immersive, flips the perspective, and provides real-time, real-life interaction.

06 // Let’s Create

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